Laminate Surfaces Safe from Spills and Pets

There have always been many benefits to having laminate flooring products. Laminate floors have high impact resistance, these floors can really take a beating without showing any wear and tear. Laminate floors are very scratch resistant. Laminates are coated with a surface of melamine and aluminum oxide, two extremely hard materials. Laminate is easy to install and can be installed over almost any type of sub floor as long as it is smooth, flat and dry.

Laminate is very eco friendly, it uses wood fiber so there is very little waste material, the core board product is used widely in other materials so the production is done in large quantities for high efficiency, and while it may seem destructive to cut down trees to produce flooring, the reality is the most of this timber comes from managed forests which has strict replenishment guidelines that lead to more trees being grown not less.

Loch Shield Flooring Protects Against Spills

Laminate also presents stunning visuals. The high definition printing available today allows designers to create beautiful color movement, distinct eye popping features, and crisp realistic texture. Laminate has historically had an issue managing spills and pet accidents. This has opened up the market for vinyl surface options because we all worry what might happen to the floor if a spill causes the laminate to swell and separate, which is absolutely what happened many times with early laminate products, especially those products that were purchased at the lowest possible price.

Some of todays laminates have addressed the moisture issue head on, with high quality modified cores, tighter locking systems and improved moisture resistant surfaces. While laminate is unlikely to ever survive being fully flooded for a week like some vinyl products claim; neither is the home itself. Laminates with Loch Shield Technology give you the wet protection your home needs to have a worry free life.

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